Word of Mouse



We had the Working Mouse come to our house,

To teach us how the computer works.

She taught us all to completely install,

And didn’t make us feel like jerks.

She had a routine to make it seem,

That a computer was easy as pie.

She would just click here and soon would appear,

Answers that we’d passed by.

“Now don’t be afraid of any tirade,

That may appear on the screen!

Cause you are the boss and nothing is lost,

And it’s never as hopeless as it seems!”

When she finished her task, this clever young lass,

Used her laptop to record her lessons,

She would print off her sheet and be very discreet,

And everyone counted her blessings.  

H Kent Russell

I am an Independent Medicare/sales consultant for a world recognized physician in Sandpoint Idaho. My position requires vast amounts of research and working with physicians and HIPAA requirements. I have been working with Danette, on a monthly basis, to ensure my computer is “clean” and up to date. She has been extremely helpful and patient as we work through the many obstacles that come up on a daily basis when the computer is your main source of research and communication. Due to her knowledge, I am no longer afraid every time I have to learn a new program or install a new device. There are no mistakes, because she does it right the first time. It is a pleasure to work with such a professional. I look forward to her visits, and I , for one, will continue to keep “The Working Mouse Working”. Thank you for all your help. Valarie Zimmerman http://www.percussionaire.com/

Do You Have a Computer Problem? Look NO further. Contact “The Working Mouse” Located in Brookings Oregon for all your Computer needs. We could not manage with out her Special Tech., services. Oregon Bed and BreakfastEvelyn.

Thanks Danette, you are and have been my computer Angel for many years! We are so lucky to have you to help with all our questions and troubles with the computers! Rose-Brookings

Danette was very quick and helped in a stressful situation. I’m located in Nashville, TN and needed assistance for my mom in Brookings, OR. Danette was more than willing to make a house call to fix the problem. I thought we had lost the computer but ended up being a cable. Danette had great communication through phone and email with me. My mom said she was very sweet and understanding. With being so far away from my mom its nice to have someone I can call for help. I couldn’t have asked for more, she is a true lifesaver!! Danette Mason

Danette, thank you so much for your help. Everything works and so much faster!! When we went to dinner I told everyone just how much I appreciated your coming over and how you fixed everything!! They said that I must be talking about the Working Mouse and that they had you service their computers and just love you! Anyway, I am telling everyone about you and want you to know that you may use this as a recommendation from a very highly satisfied customer. Nancy

Danette: You were a great help to me when I bought my first computer, getting me started and everything up and running. Have recommended you to several people and would recommend you to anybody getting their first computer. Sincerely, Richard Van Alstine – Brookings, Oregon

We can highly recommend Danette as very competent and knowledgeable. She has been working with us and has helped in conquering our fears Joel & Didi – Brookings, OR

If you want to get to know your computer and it’s programs call on Danette Christie at The Working Mouse . She takes the fear out of learning and replaces it with fun!! She’s a delightful person and I would recommend her to anyone. Carolyn Douglass – Brookings, Oregon

74 Responses to “Word of Mouse”

  1. Neil and Edda says:

    Once again, you saved the day and countless frustrations. We recently changed our IPS and it caused confusion and a loss of files. The “mouse” found them and got us up and running, as well as straightening out other earlier problems we’d been having. Way to go, Mouse!!! Keep up the good work!
    Neil ‘n’ Ed

  2. Dennis Hall says:

    Danette is amazing! Five stars. Hire her. She has worked on my desktop on the coast and on my laptop, remotely, here in Ashland. Cannot say enough good things about her.

    Dennis Hall, PhD

  3. Violet Burton says:

    Danette is by far the best mouse in the house! Len and I both have PC’s and she was very helpful in assisting us in ordering what we needed and hooking everything up. Through the years we have counted on her to fix various problems. We have worked with Danette for several years and highly recommend her for any problems you might encounter.

  4. Yvonne says:

    I had a list of problems with my computer and other device. The mouse came to my house. She solved all my problems quickly. Things are all working well now. The mouse is always welcome at my house!

  5. Lorraine Sigourney says:

    I cannot count how many times themouse has gotten me out of trouble with my computer. In face the last three computers. She sits down and away she goes and pretty soon things are all right again. or she knows what to get to make everything all right.
    Such a pleasant,talented,caring,person she is and how fortunate we are to have her to call on.
    Many thanks to you Danette.

  6. Bonnie Jorgenson says:

    YES YES, that did the trick, and you are a mouse I can live with :-)!! Thank you so very much, to always have the answer for me, and I don’t have to wait long to get your reply! Your a special little mouse, yes you are!!
    Thank you Danette, as always, Bonnie

  7. David Kanton says:

    The working mouse is important to our success because she knows what to do
    when we don’t with our computers etc. in our business. She has a good
    attitude, knows what to do and how. Things work. She gives confidence.

    We recommend the working mouse. She’s the answer to your computer problems.

    David & Nita Kanton

  8. Peggy Klein says:

    Thank you so much for your valuable input to my questions. I appreciate the way you make things so easy for “computer illiterate” me with your helpful notes on my computer. Keep up the good work and God Bless You.

  9. ez says:

    Danette Christie is the best. I’ve had many other computer help but there is no one like Danette. I agree with all the other reviews. She is exceptional. ez

  10. Jo says:

    Danette has the patience of Job. I know , because she is able to work with me. Whatever your problem, Danette can solve it.
    Besides, Danette is a nice person.

  11. Jerry Kemper says:

    Danette is a lifesaver as far as our computer goes. Always very professional and helpful. She is an expert on viruses and has saved our bacon on numerous occasions. I recommend her to all of my friends and I know she will take good care of them.

  12. Clint L. Burdg says:

    The Working Mouse does a fantastic job. I am very thankful I have someone to rely on and is very Knowledgeable. Fast, friendly service and professionalism are among the great qualities teh Working Mouse has to offer. Working Mouse, you are the best and I thank you for all you do.

  13. Chuck & Donna Clow says:

    Danette, Is a very good repair and helpful person that I have had the pleasure to work with.

  14. Norma says:

    To all who have problems using the PC:

    Danette has been my source of cleaning up my PC for several yrs. and is available when needed.
    She always takes care of my needs in a quick fashion. THANKS SOOOOO MUCH DANETTE

  15. Bonnie Jorgenson says:

    Thank you so very much, I can always count on you for such expert advise, and you make it so easy to understand!!! Your wonderful little Mouse! 🙂

  16. Jerry Kemper says:

    Danette again helped me out of a pickle wirh my email. Her knowledge of the outlook system is extensive. Thanks again Danette

  17. R. Morneau says:

    Danette bailed me out of an impossible breakdown in my software – and in only an hour or so. I’d be lost without her and her expertise.

  18. Gretchen Hardie says:

    Thank you Danette, You have come highly recommend, with good reason. I also do & will recommend you. I’m very impressed with your work. This mouse does work!

  19. Mark and Carolyn says:

    When it comes to computers, Danette is always very helpful and knowledgeable. She has helped us many times over the years, and we recommend her very highly. She is the go-to person when it comes to computers, and her rates are very reasonable.

    Mark and Carolyn

  20. David Kanton says:

    The Working Mouse is our technician. She’s friendly and ready to do
    the work right. She’s the answer. So call and get help.

    David and Wauneta Kanton

  21. Judy Dobbs says:

    Danette Christie is the most responsive, service-oriented person with whom I have ever worked! I emailed her in a panic last night around 11:30 pm telling her of my dilemma……my computer had stopped working! I had an appt. at 9 am this morning to work at my computer with my Realty Company website designer and it looked as if it would not be happening! Huge potential disaster with 3 new listings and notifications of offer(s) coming in today! I went to bed…in dispair for sure! I checked my email on my laptop at 7:30 am this morning and there she had answered with directions on how to correct my crisis! She is unbelievable!! I made the 9 am appt. and received an offer with another one promised! How’s that for being my heroine!! Judy Dobbs

  22. Carol Dodge says:

    Danette Christie, simply put, is a “jewel.” She has helped me tremendously
    through my various computer challenges I have experienced these past few years.There are few computer tech’s whom I would trust doing remote work.
    She is honorable, extremely gifted,highly responsible and a lovely person to do business with. I just recently began a website business and am very challenged with my lack of computer abilities. Danette is a calming presence and demonstrates that all problems have a solution….I feel very blessed to have found her! Danette, a “Very Merry Christmas” to you and your wonderful family!!

    Carol Dodge

  23. Lisa & Howard says:

    Danette has been and continues to be a God send. We have had enumerable glitches just getting attuned to computer logic and operations. A call to the Working Mouse has provided a quick response and cure for unintended ailments. We so appreciate her dedication and expertise. Danette, kudos and a big thank you.

  24. Carole Gardner says:

    I have had my computer for 7 years and very seldom used it. I had dial up and the computer just got slower and slower until I would just turn it off and give up. Finally I have wireless, but still couldn’t use it. In came the Working Mouse —what a life saver. She cleaned up the computer and showed me the easiest way to do what I wanted to do. Thank you Danette for a job well done. You have made my computer life easier and not so scarry!!!
    Thanks again!

  25. Charlie Jervis says:

    Danette has been helping me with all my computer problems and training
    since I bought my first one in 2004. She had to start from scratch as I
    didn’t even know how to turn the darn thing on. Today I can do just about anything I need to do and if I do get stuck she is just a phone call away.
    Danette is the best at what she does and I would not think of calling anyone else for my computer needs.

    Charlie Jervis

  26. darrell helmer says:

    thank you the working mouse for the huge help you have been to us staying up untill the wee hours of the morning at your home. helping us hook up the laptop,printer,and the wireless router. you have been a lifesaver more than once thanks a million. darrell and sarah

  27. Dave Jackson says:

    Great service, a real peach for personality. She’s got a book of knowledge (real smart). We’ve used her the last 4 years and are oh so happy. Thanks miss mouse.

  28. Kathy Cutting says:

    Danette is has been my saving grace. She has taught me how to maintain my computers and reduce the problems related to them. She is always there when needed whether I need hands on computer help or a question answered. Thank you Danette!

  29. Maggi says:

    I am such a dufus at times with my computer but all it takes is a visit from the mouse to straighten things out. Don’t ever be afraid to call the mouse for help ~ she knows how to fix it in a flash.
    And then she gives me hints as to how to do my work easier ~ there are so many shortcuts and she knows which ones are the best for me
    Thanks for all your hard word work (when you have to come over and straighten out my messes ~ that’s hard work) but she does it and teaches me how not to do that again!
    Maggi 😉

  30. Lilian Renville says:

    Danette………….What can be said, about the very best…She has help me through 6 moves and set ups and new equipment she is quick and correct in her work and doesn’t make me feel as though I’ve been living under a rock when it comes to computers. When she leaves all is explained and working really don’t know what I’d do without Danette.Buy the way when I lived in Nev. she remotely worked on my computer from Brooking’s Totally amazing.

  31. Bob Covey says:

    Sure nice to be able to get in touch with you.
    You got my problem fixed and no way could
    I have done the work myself.
    You are great and thank you for the help.

  32. Jane & Roy says:

    Dear Danette (aka ‘The Working Mouse’) – Thank you…we have to start with a big THANKS ! You came to the rescue (more than once!! :)). I like a heading I saw..somewhere on your site..you know how I am ‘lost and learning’!.. It said “Computer Help for the Baffled, Befuddled and Bewildered”. I remember saying when you where here at the house … “Danette, do you remember the movie “Sleepless in Seattle”? “Well, we (myself Jane and sometimes my hubby Roy) .. are “Helpless and Hopeless in Brookings, OR”. Your have turned “angst” into “ahhhhhhhhh” .. as in “Oh what a relief it is!”

    Love and God Bless
    Jane and Roy in Brookings OR

  33. Diana says:

    Danette set up my computer and got me started. I haven’t had a computer in many years. Danette would type out everything she showed me,so I would have
    it for a back up. I use it a lot. She is sweet,patience,and easy to understand. Will always call you back or email you when you need help. I would recommend,”The working Mouse”,to anyone because she is that good in fixing the problems. Thank you, Danette

    Diana in Smith River, Ca.

  34. AL says:


  35. Jane and Roy says:

    What a blessing and how helpful. Danette (The Working Mouse)..is always so helpful. She quickly analyzes the problem AND solves it. PLUS she is a bright addition to our home when she comes by. THANKS Danette…Jane and Roy

  36. JC & Mickey says:

    What a great find and peace of mind to have Danette Christie of The Working Mouse available for any and all computer needs. She addressed our concerns directly and efficiently with satisfactory results. Thank you, Danette. You are truly appreciated!

  37. Cheryl Thorp says:

    Danette came into Ray’s and my life in the early 90’s when we bought our 1st PC. Ray understood it more than I, though in frustration, he often wanted to throw it through the window! I agonized with silent embarrassment that I had a college degree, yet knew nothing about using a PC.
    Danette seemed to understand all this, and in her patient, non-judgmental, and very clear manner, skillfully taught us, while disbanding our fear and frustration. Though Ray is gone, and I live in the SF Bay Area with all the computer gurus, I still will only call Danette for computer help. She really DOES know it all, or how to find the answer. Cheryl Thorp

  38. Dennis & Liz Cook says:

    Danette helped us in Brookings several times, rescuing us from viruses, getting our machine to run efficiently, and setting up a new machine properly. We moved to Phoenix AZ and had some computer problems, so we tried someone here who fixed one thing and created other problems. So we called Danette – “Please help us if you can”. Via the CrossLoop technology she remotely accessed our computer, got on, and fixed our problems as if she was sitting there at our desk! Yes, it doesn’t matter where you are (as long as you’re on the earth), Danette can come to your rescue! She is so knowledgeable regarding current features, bugs, and problems with all the operating systems, and with all the “stuff” flying around the internet that can cause problems. We would never consider letting anyone else attempt to fix a computer problem for us.

  39. Sherry Tholmason says:

    Danette helped me from a distance 🙂 I sure wish she lived near Atlanta for house calls. I switched to Windows Mail on a new computer and now my computer wants to file all facebook postings in Junk as phishing. Even after turning phishing off. Danette suggested I download Windows Live Mail. Have not done it yet, but am excited she had a possible solution!

  40. Lori Marquart says:

    Danette,The Working Mouse,spent several hours at my home patiently and very proficiently working from a list of problems solving each one with extreme expertise. She is very professional and patient with a senior citizen not especially computer literate. She was perfection in motion to watch. I would recommend her highly and expect to use her services in the future when I need to upgrade my system.

  41. Betty Wintersteen says:

    Great job Danette. And just a phone call away. I had myself tangled up with a slow response time and software that I loaded in error. Quickly she was able to suggest “Restore”. By sending me a site to print, with specific instructions, Danette was able to help me in about 10 minutes. And don’t we all feel good when we can say “I did it myself”. Thank you Mouse for taking the time.

  42. francisca says:

    Danette, thank you once again for bailing our whole family out!!! Thank you for helping us after having been hacked and needing to find new passwords as well as clean up our messes (more my messes) You have always been there for us and we could not have done any of this without you.
    Thank you, thank you Dennis and Francisca and Frank

  43. Ron and Sue says:

    We have been helped big time over and over again. Danette has bailed us out more than once and is instructive in teaching us how to work with these computer situations. She is a God send.

  44. J Simons says:

    The Working Mouse is the most helpful resource. I really appreciate her explanations (very clear, even for a green horn like me!)

  45. Lori Marquart says:

    I would strongly recommend Danette, “The Working Mouse” to everyone. She is not only extremely helpful and knowledgeable, but immediate in her response.
    I had a number of problems that seemed to be linked, which they were, and the solution was simply to replace my mouse. What a relief! Her honesty and integrity are greatly appreciated.

  46. Barbara says:

    I have used Danette for years and cannot find anyone so easy to work
    with as a Mom herself, she understands. Very effective use of my
    money and easy to get a hold of. Very Loyal.

  47. Norris and Elaine says:

    We would like to express our appreciation to you for your excellent assistance with our computer problems. We have been grateful for your help for several years now and feel very fortunate that you are providing this outstanding service to the people of our area. We think that you are by far the best computer person with whom we have dealt in Brookings or anywhere else. Your technical skills are outstanding. You have a very professional manner, but you are also very considerate and compassionate. We feel comfortable with your help and appreciate the fact that you work very hard to include us in your busy schedule in a timely manner.
    With Warm Regards,
    Norris & Elaine

  48. Cyndi says:

    Thank you so much “Working Mouse”. You have been such a great help and thank you for helping my mom. She really appreciates all that you have done for her also.

  49. Sherry says:

    I am in Georgia, but ran across Danette last year. It is inspiring to meet people who care and take the time to help. I am giving your name to several of my other southern friends!
    Thank you so much!

  50. Roberta Hausman says:

    I have been using “the mouse” for four years, and she has been a lifesaver for an array of different computer problems and for designing a website. She even came to my house recently while she was suffering from a back injury, because I needed to print something from my computer, which was locked. This Lovely Lady, Danette Christie, has an amazing personality and computer skills.

  51. Ruth Cavaliere says:

    Danette, What can I say that has already been said. You are a superb,
    Knowledgeable,Professional,Sweet personality, Kind and a Blessing to us in Brookings. My daughtger 2 months ago brought me a new Dell, I was ready to give up and an angel came and straighten me out. Danette has helped me since 1999. Truly a good person!!
    Thank You Danette!!
    Ruth Cazvaliere

  52. Betty Wintersteen says:

    Time for a new computer. Sometimes new things and changes are scary. Well, the mouse makes it so easy you hardly know it happened. She is quick, cheerful, and a wealth of information. Window 8 really isn’t that bad at all! Thanks Mouse

  53. Clancy Harris says:

    The Working Mouse has been very helpful to learn how to navigate on the computer. I recommend her for all your computer needs.

  54. Colleen Godwyn says:

    We purchased a new windows 8.1 computer. We were used to windows XP and had many frustrations with the 8.1 operating system. Danette came and set up the new computer to operate similar to the XP system. We are very pleased with the outcome. We highly recommend Danette.

  55. Sherry Thomason says:

    Danette is my computer peace of mind! We had two computers we wanted to have emails, documents,accounting systems and the like synced so they would save on both, along with 2 users on each computer. She had to install programs that were on one computer to the other. One program being an old 2002 version…did not want to install, but Danette found a way. She outsmarted every little gliche that showed it’s head. She went way above what I would have expected, and offered me tips along the way. And, she was working remotely in Georgia. She is professional, knowledgeable, and kind. You will be blessed!

  56. Bill and Joan Wadsworth says:

    Danette has been our “guide” and teacher for several years…we have always found her knowledge and method of teaching…fixing problems etc…beyond our expectations…her willingness to help is evident in all the reviews her many clients have posted on this site…we can assure you….all true….because of her pleasant personaltiy and knowledge…we can’t imagine anyone else to bail us out…when we run into computer problems…

  57. Jo Fisher says:

    Danette Christie has been supportive, both on the phone, email, and in my home, while teaching me how to use my computer.
    While I stumble around, Danette remains calm, supportive and knowledgable.
    I recommed Danette Christie as a computer guru. Jo

  58. Marie K says:

    Thank you Danette so much for coming by,you have been such a great help to me.i was in a quandary as to what to do,as charter has changed their format,and everything went Bonkers.Gmail seems to be working good and the I Pad notes you sent me by regular mail as the printer was out of ink are very helpful.I really appreciate the you taking the time to print and send them.You have helped before when I was in a jam.

  59. Judy Lopata says:

    Thanks again Danette for your help it is so good to be able to have your help on questions about programs involving my computor. You make things easy to understand and your lessons are awsome. Your remote access makes it great being in TN having your help. Thanks again

  60. Mark Baker says:

    Danette always solves my problems at a very reasonable price. A great person with a terrific attitude. We need more people like her. She’s very patient and understanding with us oldies that know little about computers. She deserves much thanks.

  61. Rose Bone says:

    I love my Working Mouse! She is the best ever! She has saved me from many a goof up! Thanks Sweet Working Mouse!

  62. Dianne Bunning says:

    Thanks,Danette,for rescuing me once again. You simplify an otherwise very complicated and frustrating computer experience. Congratulations on your continued success. D

  63. Sarah Kelson says:

    I had a bad infection and contacted the Working Mouse. They were very reasonable and friendly and timely. I will certainly use them again.
    She gives lessons and I plan to take some.

  64. Bob & Linda says:

    We upgraded our computer, printer and wireless router and Danette was there to help make the process seamless. What a great resource right here in Brookings, she is the best!

  65. Rose says:

    Love our Working Mouse, she is the very best!

  66. Danette has helped me through six years of assorted computer and website problems, I believe she walks on water. She is as beautiful and dear as she is knowledgeable and terrific with computers.

  67. Rose says:

    Love My working Mouse,”Danette”

  68. Jerry Kemper says:

    As usual Danette was friendly and very knowledgeable. She is great at whatever ails your computer.


  70. Tom and Mary Coston says:

    In the past 3 weeks both Danette and David have once again come to our rescue, not once but twice. We will not let anyone else ‘mess’ with the computers here at work or our personal home PC ‘old beast’!

  71. Nancy Erb says:

    Danette has assisted me when it counts at the office and at home. It’s a wonderful thing in this internet age to have someone who’s a notch above to come to the rescue! Have called and been served on short notice. She makes it look easy when it may have been an issue you couldn’t figure out for days. I never hesitate to call her for help.

  72. The working Mouse is our ‘corporate IT department’. They have answered every call for help, we use them for personal and business alike. Three different computers with 3 operating systems, all peacefully co-existing – Thank You. We use their convenient remote support for when it absolutely positively has to be taken care of NOW! They have gotten us through the new website, routing wires, clearing virus attacks, crashes and everything in between. I consider the Christie family part of our family

  73. Joyce Hannum says:

    As a decidedly UN-techie person, I can say that Danette has saved me many times. Although I have been using computers since the early 1980’s the technology changes so darned fast that it is impossible for me to keep up. The Working Mouse does all the hard work of keeping up, and I LOVE the new “remote access” service she offers.
    Whenever the subject of computer service comes up in my circle of friends and acquaintances in Brookings (we are mostly seniors),The Working Mouse always gets recommended and we all agree.

  74. JOHN G. O'HARA says:

    I LOVE HOW YOU COME INTO MY HOME, and show/teach me how to use my Computer. I am 81+ years old. I date pre-WWII and Television, Jet Plans, etc., etc..
    It is truly wonderful to have someone like your self! I am anything but Computer Friendly. Cell phone are play things! And so forth.

    Brookings, OR 97415

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