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Danette Christie

The Working Mouse is owned and operated by Danette Christie in the U.S. – Serving the beautiful Southern Oregon Coast since 2000. (I can’t believe it has been fifteen years already!) I, “The Mouse” am Oregon grown and have lived in Brookings, Oregon most of my life. I am happily married and a mother of 2 boys, a German Shepard, 2 cats and if you count my husband (occasionally A.K.A. “The Rat.”) Most will agree when I tell you that I’m a trouble-shooting addict and love solving problems. I’m a bit of a night owl, a coffee lover and a recovering diet cola addict. No more diet soda.

Originally, I wanted to publish my own greeting cards and restore old photos. My sister decided it should be called “The Working Mouse” because the mouse would be my tool for my creations. All those photos I brought back to life, greeting cards & wedding invitations I created is what started it all. I was hooked! My husband and kids used to mess up the computer and I was always the one that fixed it. Friends and family started asking “How did you do that?” or “How can I do this?” “How do I fix this?” Then, one day someone offered me $ for my time. They needed consultation on what new computer, printer or other nifty gadget to purchase and also needed someone to guide them through this digital world. The rest is history.

Just so you know…No Question is ever stupid! I am very patient, enthusiastic about my work and I have a way of making my lessons fun as well as instructive. I don’t ”Squeak the Geek Speak” and I’m not afraid of cats! The computer is such a wonderful tool. It can really enhance your life in many ways! I’m great at trouble shooting and solving your computer or network problems or any other nifty gadget problems you may have. If you need to know more, Contact Me or read what others have to say on The “Word of Mouse” page

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