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One of my customers messaged me and forwarded me an email concerned that she had to update her email account or lose all services by tomorrow if she didn’t complete it. Luckily, she was using Google Chrome, which blocked the suspicious link and she wasn’t able to complete the process.  She still thought that since […]

Warning: Fake Order Confirmation Phishing Email from – Links in Email Leads to Malware

Fake Order Confirmation Phishing Email from I received a fake phishing bogus email reportedly coming from Staples. I called the REAL staples number from their website and received this message. “An unknown source has sent numerous false order confirmation to staples customers and marketing recipients. If you have received an unexpected order confirmation, […]

Identity Theft – Tips to protect yourself online

Throughout the world, identity theft is one of the quickest growing crimes. It is relatively simple for anyone to commit this crime and there is an even greater chance that they won’t be caught. Identity Theft can cost you time and money.  It can destroy your credit and ruin your good name.  The Net has […]

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