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Lenovo Superfish Spyware

After browsing through some computer articles online, we discovered an interesting bit about Lenovo computers sold last year.  Apparently an Adware program know as “Superfish” was knowingly planted into certain models of Lenovo computers sold in the year 2014. The program itself kept track of the users browsing history, Superfish would then insert adds onto […]

How to Get Rid Of the Ask Toolbar

Nobody likes the Ask toolbar. I haven’t met a single person that has explained to me the wonders that it can offer a person, as opposed to good old Google magic. Some of you may be wondering just how the heck this object of hate keeps creeping into your computer. We can help you understand […]

Computer Login Password Recovery

There are a number of preventative measure you can take in order to save yourself from being locked out of your computer, or the websites you visit online. Listed below are a few programs that come along with your PC, or can be easily downloaded from the provided links. Password Recovery Disk’s On windows 7 […]


One of my customers messaged me and forwarded me an email concerned that she had to update her email account or lose all services by tomorrow if she didn’t complete it. Luckily, she was using Google Chrome, which blocked the suspicious link and she wasn’t able to complete the process.  She still thought that since […]

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