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Phone Water Damage Rice Trick!

Even the most un-tech savy person usually understands that you shouldn’t mix your electronics with good ‘ol H20. Water damage will usually end up killing your phone (or other hand held devices) for good. cracks can be fixed or even ignored, cases can be replaced, but submerged electronics will usually end up frying all the […]

How to Get Rid Of the Ask Toolbar

Nobody likes the Ask toolbar. I haven’t met a single person that has explained to me the wonders that it can offer a person, as opposed to good old Google magic. Some of you may be wondering just how the heck this object of hate keeps creeping into your computer. We can help you understand […]

Computer Login Password Recovery

There are a number of preventative measure you can take in order to save yourself from being locked out of your computer, or the websites you visit online. Listed below are a few programs that come along with your PC, or can be easily downloaded from the provided links. Password Recovery Disk’s On windows 7 […]

Computer Tutoring & Repair ~ Brookings, Oregon

My Son has joined me. He is now my intern. (Working Mouse Jr.) Dave and I at work at one of our favorite customer’s home. The Working Mouse Comes To Your House! The Working Mouse can guide you through all the left clicks, right-clicks, double-clicks & no clicks. Did we mention we also fix! Get […]

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