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Backing up files Using the Windows XP CD Writing Wizard

Please Tell me You Backed UP! If you have other software like Roxio….You should use that software to backup rather than the CD Writing Wizard that come with Windows Xp. I highly recommend purchasing an External Hard drive: It could save you hours of frustration and make backups much easier than backing up to CDs. […]

Outlook Express – Lost Your Buttons?

There are many of my customers that still use Windows XP and Outlook Express and I get this question often. Outlook Express or Windows Mail Email Lost your create mail, reply, forward, print and delete buttons in the top toolbar? Try changing the layout in outlook Express or Windows Mail Email 1.outlook express 2.In the […]

Burning Music CDs Using Windows Media Player (Version 11)

Create (Burn) your own music CD from multiple CDs you already Own First you will need to “rip” (copy) the songs from the CDs into Windows Media Player 1. Open windows media player 2. Insert the first Music CD into your CD Rom drive 3. Click on rip at the top 4. Uncheck any songs […]

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