How to Get Rid Of the Ask Toolbar

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Nobody likes the Ask toolbar. I haven’t met a single person that has explained to me the wonders that it can offer a person, as opposed to good old Google magic. Some of you may be wondering just how the heck this object of hate keeps creeping into your computer. We can help you understand where you might be contracting it from, how to remove it, and how to prevent it from appearing on your browser in the future.


It’s likely your Java updates or other software update or tool that comes as an unwanted bonus!

Java script is used in a wide variety of programs we use today. It’s free to use and download, chances are at least one of your favorite programs or activities uses it. However…there’s a fun little part they include in those free downloads. An optional download is offered to you once, or multiple times throughout the download process. Java updates will include an optional download in the middle of the installation, and they will do it every time if you don’t have it installed already.



Computer Login Password Recovery

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There are a number of preventative measure you can take in order to save yourself from being locked out of your computer, or the websites you visit online. Listed below are a few programs that come along with your PC, or can be easily downloaded from the provided links.

Password Recovery Disk’s

On windows 7 and 8, you can access a pre-installed tool that, along with a USB drive or CD/DVDs (in windows 8.1 CD/DVDs are no longer an option), can be used to help you restore your computer or reset your login password. In windows 7 use the ctrl, alt, and del keys simultaneously to bring up a windows menu similar to the  welcome screen. For windows 7, you can must click on “change password” then near the bottom of the menu that appears will be a smaller option labeled “create password recovery disk”, click next, select the DVD/CD Rom Drive or Flash drive (if not inserted, insert one now.) then click next, enter your current password, click next, when finished, click finish, then remove the drive and keep in a safe place.

Windows 8 users press the Windows key + Q. Type User Accounts. Below the search field, click Settings and select User Accounts from the results. Plug in your USB flash drive, and select Create a Password Reset Disk in the left hand column. Click next. Select your USB flash drive, and click next. Type your current password, and click next. When it is finished, click next. Click finish.


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Google Chrome Warned of a phishing link that was clicked in the customer’s email

One of my customers messaged me and forwarded me an email concerned that she had to update her email account or lose all services by tomorrow if she didn’t complete it. Luckily, she was using Google Chrome, which blocked the suspicious link and she wasn’t able to complete the process.  She still thought that since she wasn’t able to update her account that it would be lost. Right away, I said it was a phishing scam. 

Website Down or is it just you?

Website Down or is it just you?

website down or is it just me, facebook down, just me, website down, website not openingWebsite down, or…is it just you? Have you ever visited a website and the page won’t display or get an error, but you know you or your friends have visited it with no problems. This site can help you determine, if the site is down for everyone or just you. Let’s say you can’t access Type in in the text box, press enter on your keyboard. If it is just you, this site will say so. If it is not just you…it’s time to do some cleanup of temporary internet files and clear your cache, restart your computer or reboot your modem/router and maybe even scan for bugs.

Down For Everyone Or Just Me -> Check if your website is down or up?

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