Printer won’t print, or won’t stop printing (Crazy Printer)

What to do if the printer won’t print or will not stop printing- goes haywire and starts to print pages and pages of Weird Symbols

  1. First, Turn off the power to the printer (Note: if it won’t turn off unplug it :))
  2. Then click on start
  3. Then click on printers and faxes (if you don’t see printers and faxes, click on start control panel or start, settings, control panel, then Click on printers and faxes)
  4. Double-click on the Name of your Printer

  1. Then click on printer

  1. click on “cancel all documents”
  2. click Yes
  3. Wait for the print queue to clear
  4. Then turn the printer back on and try to print again.
  5. Sometimes it will take a couple of minutes to clear the print queue (if you have waited a couple of minutes and the printer queue still will not delete the print jobs, restart the computer. Leave the printer off during computer restart, check the print queue again to be sure it has cleared.) Once the print queue is clear and no jobs are present; turn back on the printer and try once again to print again.

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