Mouse Fools Rat

My first YouTube video is from April Fools Day. “The Working Mouse” Fools “The Rat.” My future videos will be computer related, but thought that many of our friends would get a kick out of this one. My husband tries to “Fool” me on April Fools day…hoping I’ll forget what day it is. In 2008 I was way ahead of him–set this up the night before. He recently purchased a Camero for our son and it has a glass T-top roof. This is a fake rock smashed in car window prank. Notice how my husband checks his finger to be sure he didn’t cut himself on the smashed “Fake” glass on the sunroof of the car. Hee Hee. It was funny! 😉 If anyone has any other harmless ideas for April Fools 2011, let me know…I’m unsure I can top this one from 2008, I have to keep my guards for the next upcoming April Fools day!

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