Lenovo Superfish Spyware

After browsing through some computer articles online, we discovered an interesting bit about Lenovo computers sold last year.  Apparently an Adware program know as “Superfish” was knowingly planted into certain models of Lenovo computers sold in the year 2014. The program itself kept track of the users browsing history, Superfish would then insert adds onto the sites you visited most, as well as open the path for various other types of malware to infect the computer. It is has been noted that there is a potentially large security risk if you use your computer in a local wi-fi area while your computer is under the effects of this software.

However it seems there hasn’t been any major incidences to note. According what we’ve read on the matter.  The software is easy to spot and remove with windows add & remove programs feature.  If you’ve had your computer scanned for malware or virus removal by a technician or equally computer savvy individual, it is likely you no longer have it on your PC. If you would like to confirm whether or not you have an infection you can click on this link.

The website will begin its confirmation test as soon as it loads and takes about ten seconds. The site recommends you do the test with all your browsers installed on your computer. If any of them say you have Superfish on your computer you can easily remove it using the add & remove programs features located on the control panel. It is likely programs like Malwarebytes and HitmanPro will designate the program as hostile as well.

Again this program is likely only to be found on Lenovo model computers.  The company is facing a class action lawsuit due to the potential security breach Superfish brings to users. If you know someone with a Lenovo model computer that was recently purchased, have them check that site out and make sure they don’t still have this ad-ware floating around in their PC.

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