iTunes: How to burn an album you purchased to a CD (Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, or Mac)

iTunes: How to burn an album you purchased to a CD (Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, or Mac)

With all the Mp3 players & iPods available, there still are many out there that ask how to back up their music to CDs.

Here’s How using iTunes:


1. Open iTunes (Note: if you cannot see your sidebar, you must turn it on by clicking on View Menu (at the top), then Show Sidebar.

2. We need to create a new playlist first.

3. Click file in the upper left.

4. Then click on New Playlist.



5. You will see the untitled playlist highlighted in blue, ready for you to type in the new playlist name, don’t click on anything, just type the new name for the playlist; give it a name the same as the album or whatever you wish.



6. Click on Music on the top left.



7. Click on Albums at the top to sort your music by albums. Find the album you purchased or one that already exists in your library; click and hold down the left mouse button on the album and drag the album to the new playlist you made on the lower left.



8. When your cursor is over the playlist name, let up off the mouse button. (Note: You can also add any other additional songs to your album if you wish, or compile your own group of songs and create your own unique playlist.)


9. Go to the album playlist on the left side and right-click on the playlist name you just created.



10.Left-click once on “Burn Playlist to Disc”



11. Click the Burn button

12. Insert a blank CD-R into your CD Rom drive.

13. Wait for the Playlist to burn to your CD.

14. iTunes will make a twinkle tune when the burning is complete — then you can eject the disc. Try it out in your CD Player to be sure it plays.

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