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Connect To a Wireless Network Windows 8 – 8.1

1. Click/tap on the wireless network icon in your desktop taskbar notification area. 2. Click/tap on the name of your wireless network that you want to connect to (Meatball catfish – This is the name of my Home WiFi.)

How to Get Rid Of the Ask Toolbar

Nobody likes the Ask toolbar. I haven’t met a single person that has explained to me the wonders that it can offer a person, as opposed to good old Google magic. Some of you may be wondering just how the heck this object of hate keeps creeping into your computer. We can help you understand […]

Computer Login Password Recovery

There are a number of preventative measure you can take in order to save yourself from being locked out of your computer, or the websites you visit online. Listed below are a few programs that come along with your PC, or can be easily downloaded from the provided links. Password Recovery Disk’s On windows 7 […]

How To Run System Restore in Windows 8

Many of my customers have asked me, “Where is System Restore located in Windows 8?” What if you recently installed some app or new program or what you thought was an update that made your computer a little wiggy and you just want an easy way to roll back to the day your computer was […]

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