Backing up files Using the Windows XP CD Writing Wizard

Please Tell me You Backed UP!

If you have other software like Roxio….You should use that software to backup rather than the CD Writing Wizard that come with Windows Xp. I highly recommend purchasing an External Hard drive: It could save you hours of frustration and make backups much easier than backing up to CDs. 1.Insert a blank CD-R into Your CD Writer Drive. 2.Click cancel if any popup windows open. 4.Go to the folder or file you wish to backup (for example: if you want to backup your my documents folder, click start, then my documents) select the files you need to back up. To select all files in this folder, click edit menu in the upper left side of your screen, click on select all. To select only a few in a row, click once on the first file folder, the press and hold down the shift key and click on the last file folder in a row to select a all in between the files you clicked. 5.Click File 6.send to 7.Then CD drive (D:) (Your CD Drive Letter May be different, depending on how many drives you may have. Click start, My Computer to check the drive letter for your CD Writer. 8.Wait for the files to copy (If you get a “Confirm Stream Loss” Popup window, about thumbs checkmark “repeat my answer each time this occurs”, then click yes. 9.When you see the pale yellow pop up balloon on the lower right side of the screen, click on “You have files waiting to be written to the CD” (not the X in the upper right or it will close the balloon popup.) Wait for the copying to complete (Note: if you lose the little pale yellow cartoon balloon and don’t see “You have files waiting to be written to the CD” before you have a chance to click on it…no biggie…just open my computer [Start, my computer, double left-click on the CD Drive (D:)] 10.The files will look faded (Note: if the files Don’t look faded, and it doesn’t say Backing up files Using the Windows XP CD Writing Wizard”, then you are in the wrong window. Close all the windows and click on start, my computer, then click on the drive letter for your CD Writer. The Files will look faded…you should now be in the temporary CD writing file folder. Now you should have files waiting to be written to the CD.) 11.Check the file size to be sure they will fit on the CD by clicking on edit, then select all, then click on file, properties. The properties window will popup. File size must be under 680-685mb. click OK to close properties window. Even if your CD Rom drive says it will hold 700mb there are some files needed to close the CD so, I recommend staying under 680mb to ensure your copy will be successful. 12.Again. be sure it says files ready to be written to the CD at the top, this way you can be sure that you are not deleting your actual files just the temporary CD Burning Files. Delete any of the files that won’t fit onto the CD (right-click once on any one of the files, left-click once on delete-repeat until all the files that won’t fit have been deleted…you can always go back and copy those files later) 13.When finished deleting any files you don’t wish to burn, check the size of the files again. Click edit, select all. Click file, properties. If the size is no more than 680MB (if it is larger, you will have to delete one or more of the files)Then click OK 14.Over on the left side under CD Writing Tasks 15.Click on “Write these files to CD” 16.You can leave it the date, or type a new name for it 17.Then click next 18.Wait for the CD to burn 19.When complete the CD will eject 20.Click finish (or you can insert another CD and “make another”) 21.Re-insert the CD and verify that the files did copy—When the CD Window pops up, scroll down and click on “Open folder to view files” (Note: if you don’t see this popup window, click on start my computer or open my computer from teh desktop, then double-click on your CD Rom Drive letter. 22.Then click OK 23.Your files you burned should be there. Yeah! You did it. Now. put them in a jewel case to protect it. Label the jewel case and keep it in a safe place. <:3)~

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