Mouse Won’t Work?

There can be many reasons why your mouse may not be working. The first question I would ask you is: Did you try to restart the computer?(Completely shut off, not sleep or hibernate mode.) Then turned it back on? Sometimes your computer could have had an error or an update and just needs rebooting.

If the mouse is still not working I would ask if you have a wireless mouse or a mouse with a wire or cord? If your answer is a wireless mouse then the first thing you should try is replacing the batteries. After you replace the batteries with fresh ones, then make sure you press the reset button on the receiver and on the mouse, some mice just need to be turned back on and or reconnected.

Can’t find the reset button on your wireless mouse? If you can’t find the documentation that came with your mouse, then look on the bottom of the mouse. You may also have a reset/connect button on the remote or receiver that came with your wireless mouse. You may have to use a pencil or a pen to push in the reset button. If you have mouse with a tail (wire/cable) then make sure it is plugged in and in the correct port. If it is a ps/2 (usually with a green round connection, then make sure it is in the green ps/2 port on your computer, if it is a USB connection, be sure it is plugged in a USB port. When unplugging and or plugging in a ps/2 type, turn the computer off, make sure it is plugged in all the way and then turn back on the computer. USB mice are safe to unplug and plug in when the computer is still on.

USB mouse connection

This is what a USB mouse connection looks like

Do you use the mouse touch pad on your laptop or notebook? If so, many laptops have a disable button usually located just above the mouse touch pad area. If you cannot move the mouse and you have a button just above the mouse touch pad, then press and release it one time only because if you press it twice, it will just re-deactivate it. Some mouse touch pads activate/deactivate buttons have a light that changes in color when they are activated or deactivated.

This is what a ps2 connection looks like
This is what a ps2 connection looks like

Have a mouse with a ball that won’t move freely? Some mice have balls that drag lint, hair and debris up into the rollers from all that rolling around. This is the most important part to clean. You just need to rotate the mouse ball lock on the bottom of the mouse, then turn it at an angle and the ball will fall out. You don’t have to use alcohol to wash the ball, just remove or wipe off any lint on the ball, remove any loose lint from the mouse by flipping it over and tapping it out in your hand and if you see lint that is stuck on the rollers carefully use your finger, or some tweezers to remove any other visible lint. Place the ball back into the mouse and relock the mouse ball lock. Try it out…if it is still giving you troubles and won’t move freely, its probably just worn out. Buy a new optical mouse, you can buy them for $10-$20 now…optical mice work much better and don’t wear out as fast.

This is the bottom of a mouse that uses rollers to control the mouse.Mouse still won’t work?

Then you may be experiencing some other computer hardware or software problems…maybe low on Ram, too many programs running in the background or adware, spyware, malware, or trojans could be the culprit. Seek out a geek friend or call computer expert to help you get your system up and running again. If you live in Brookings-Harbor, OR area give me a call. Contact Me

Hope your mouse is up and working again! 🙂

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